You Can Get A's in High School

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This course will guide you in using the Power Learners approach as you do your homework. Within a few weeks you can be learning faster and remembering longer. Within a month or two you are likely to get A's  in less time and effort than it took you to get B's, or even C's.

9 Lessons

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9 Lessons in You Can Get A's in High School :

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1 Learn by Practicing

Choosing the right practice for learning each lesson.

2 Practice to Mastery

Know when you have practiced enough.

3 Ask for Help When You Need It

Experimenting on yourself so you can tell whether to keep trying or to get help.

4 Review to Remember What You Learn

For long term remembering, re-practice to mastery over several days.

Write Great First Drafts

Write a Great First Draft Quickly & Easily

Edit Drafts into Brilliant Papers

Revise and edit a draft into brilliant final copy.

Power Learners App

This App helps you apply the Power Learners Method to all your homework assignments. learn your assignments.

Power Learners Approach for Math

Learn to use the Power Learners Approach to Master Math Courses