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Learn by Practicing

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This course will guide you in using the Power Learners Method as you do your homework. Within a few weeks, you can be learning faster and remembering longer. Within a month or two you are likely to get A's in less time and effort than it took you to get B's, or even C's.

4 Lessons

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Lesson 1 - Learn by Practicing

Before starting a homework assignment or studying for a test, decide how you will practice, do any assigned reading, and then practice until you know the lesson.

Lesson 2 - Practice to Mastery

Practice until you could get an A if there were a test tomorrow.

Lesson 3 - Ask for Help When You Need It

Don't give up too soon. But, when you are stuck, get help.

Lesson 4 - Review to Remember What You Learn

For long term remembering, re-practice to mastery over several days.