You Can Get A's in High School

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This course will guide you in using the Power Learners approach as you do your homework. Within a few weeks you can be learning faster and remembering longer. Within a month or two you are likely to get A's  in less time and effort than it took you to get B's, or even C's.

6 Lessons

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6 Lessons in You Can Get A's in High School :

1 Learn by Practicing

Choosing the right practice for learning each lesson.

2 Practice to Mastery

Know when you have practiced enough.

3 Get Help When Stuck

Experimenting on yourself so you can tell whether to keep trying or to get help.

4 Review to Remember

For long term remembering, re-practice to mastery over several days.

Writing a Great First Draft

Write a Great First Draft Quickly & Easily

Edit Your Draft into Brilliant Final Copy

Revise and edit a draft into brilliant final copy/